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in the food trade sector
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tonnes of dairy products a year



Leader is recognised for its expertise in the food sector, and thanks to its many years of operation has succeeded in being ranked as one of the industry’s most reliable companies.


The storage capacity at the company’s facilities, as well as our philosophy of always being in a state of readiness, means that we are able to respond immediately to the planned and unplanned needs of our customers in terms of both quantity and variety of products.


Benefiting from many years of experience in trade within the EU and from specialisation, we offer the most modern and successful system of services for products from the largest producers in Europe.

Trustworthy products

LEADER consistently applies a strict and certified quality assurance system for the products it distributes. A key principle of the company is the high and unwavering quality of the products we distribute

Product assortment

We have a wide selection of domestic and imported products and work with the most reliable producers in Greece and the European Union.